Online Degree Programs

Online learning at Illinois Springfield offers flexibility and convenience with the same high quality as our on-campus coursework.

It is not going back to 1分11选5官网; it is continuing the journey towards your goals.  Whether your goals are to complete a degree, learn new skills, advance your current career, or find a new profession, our 52 online programs will help you get there. UIS provides its online students with the most flexible and cost-efficient way to earn a University of Illinois degree from anywhere in the world.

The online programs are taught by the same faculty who teach our on-campus courses.

All students accepted into online degree programs, including those residing outside Illinois, pay e-tuition, which is far below the rate for traditional out-of-state students attending UIS.

Our online students work directly with an online program coordinator. The coordinators are experts on their programs and are here to help you through every step of educational journey.   Are you ready to be an online learner?

bachelor's degrees

undergraduate minors

certification and licensure

What our alums have to say...

Jen Brooks, Teacher Education

“What makes it special is how student-centered UIS is. […] It’s student led. You take control of your learning. If you have an idea, throw it out and you’ll get support. I’ve been able to go as far as I want to go.”

Hannah T., Legal Studies

“As an online student, I felt like very much a part of the community.  I feel like overall it as a really successful and inclusive college experience for me.   My professors made it really easy to feel like a classroom setting.  My professors created a very inclusive collaborative environment.” Hannah also presented her research at the UIS Student Technology, Arts & Research Symposium, an opportunity available to both on campus and online students.

Hannah T., UIS Online Student
Hannah T., a UIS Online Graduate

Alicia M., Political Science

“If it were not for this program offered through UIS, I am not sure that I would have been able to take the steps needed to prepare for law 1分11选5官网. UIS offered me an affordable and realistic option when I was trying to determine how to reach my goals. I will be forever thankful for the opportunity I was given as an online student at UIS.”

Alicia M., UIS Online Student
Alicia M., a UIS Online Graduate

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